The Avant may be PAST, but the Avenir is the FUTURE


With the automotive industry entering the electric epoch, a shift in leadership is beginning to emerge as traditional industry leaders like Audi are forced to react to brands like Tesla in terms of updating their brand and image with the E-tron brand. However, while many automakers are focused on spraying their legacy models with a fresh coat of electric paint, they are simultaneously appearing to lose much of their original identity in order to sport the ‘electric look’. How can Audi avoid becoming a follower of the EV generation and still remain as a trend setter? By combining their cult-classic segment, the RS Avant, with the technology of E-tron to create the AVENIR: a combination of its historically unique sleeper wagon and the most modern of electric technology. The AVENIR represents a continuation of an Audi staple but made from the ground up to make the most out of its new platform. 

Balanced Variation

High contrast between models and buyers

Bringing quality luxury to every segment and market

All Road Performance

Quattro rally heritage carrying through present and future

Permanent All-Wheel drive system can be found throughout the lineup

Consistently Audi

Consistent Customer | Electric | Connected | Sustainable

Vorsprung durch Technik – Progress through Technology

The Audi Dialect

|  Digital  |

Whether it’s graphics or physical details, Audi’s sport many digital design treatments that bring the overall attitude a more modern and youthful feeling. The digital lightshow of head and tail lamps also add a technologically playful face. 

|  Architectural  |

Sharp, chiseled lines and overlapping structures make up the Audi language, adding a certain level of clean complexity. The shift of the design of the face has also evolved to become more separate and sharpened. 

|  Quattro  |

WIth the quattro all-wheel-drive system being a standard fixture of all models, the quattro fenders have also become more prominent and on all models. 

The Audi Lifestyle


Practical Affluence

High versatility mainstream > flashy exotics

Instead of occasional flaunting and enjoyment, these users seeks pusposeful purchases that become part of their daily life and part of trusted brands rather than niche sources

Premium Professional

Use technology as life enablers, enchancing mobility & flexibility

Teachonoly is not seen as just the ‘it’ thing to own, but used to improve life and enable new adventures and possibilities. If life can be improved by tech, then why not?

The Competition

1st Generation Electric Luxury (2019-2026)


The Electric Clones

All premium electrics serving as “Electric Editions” of best selling standard segments, building sales to establish electric brand but not independent electric-targeted segments. While prominent European brands remain focused on sedans, SUV’s, and crossovers, Tesla demonstrates that it’s branching out and has continuous ability to think ahead. 

2nd Generation Electric Luxury (2027-2034)


Proper Leadership

Electric Editions ditched for Dedicated Segments.

After establishing the EV brands with 1st generation, premium brands must establish what segments represent themselves and their vision for electric luxury to remain premium. Aside from the expected sedan and sports utility models, one segment should define the 2nd gen lineup as Audi’s own electric identity.

What segment will define Audi in the next generation?

The Answer

The electric E-tron division offers greater possible interior volume with the modular electric PPE platform, as well as amazing torque and acceleration. The silent drive also always for complete tranquility when wanted while the driver knows sudden power is just a foot step away. 

An unassuming segment, the RS avant is the definition of a sleeper vehicle, as its family-friendly packaging is combined with extreme performance. This combo of having enough room to pack a full family with their holiday gear and 600HP makes it the perfect combo for anyone hoping to live in both worlds. 

(Practicality x Performance)^2        

With the one-two punch of electric drivetrain and the wagon segment, the Audi Avenir is the ultimate combination of practicality and performance. Despite its large footprint and space-conscious design, it packs a hidden punch and allows the driver to truly decide whichever face to where on that particular day. Will they be a sensible family man bringing enough luggage for a solid week trip, or a have a one man journey down the next straightaway? Either choice is readily possible.

The Design

Double Wedge Architecture        

The volume features a double wedge architecture, with the wedges represent the body  and the electric powertrain respectively. The body wedge starts sharp and ends up wide, representing a shift in focus from the aerodynamics at the front to pure storage at the rear. The powertrain wedge starts wide then slims down, representing the shift from the tall front intake to the slim battery pack it’s directing airflow to. These two opposite wedges create the core character of the Avenir, slimming the general silhouette while describing the priority of each section of the vehicle through visual separation. 

Face and Rear Variations

Consistent Customer | Electric | Connected | Sustainable Vorsprung durch Technik – Progress through Technology


Time for a Spin


Front Suitcase Graphic

The front cargo space house twin suitcases design to be exposed through the transparent front face and visually flow with the lines of the exterior design. The suitcases can then be accessed through a command on your personal device, causing it to lift up and extend the handle attachment to make it easy to withdraw.

The design of the cases can also be customized to the user’s own preferences and add to the overall appearance of the face of the Avenir.


Rear Cargo Access

Rear Access to storage can be completed from both the main hatch and side openings. The variable floor stacks allow for careful separation of different items individually, as well as side access. The elevated side shelf allows for easier reach to more delicate items and no need to crouch and climb through the low, deep hatch directly from the rear. 


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