Grand Tourer Hybrid for 2030

This was a personal project after my entry to General Motors, though this project has no relation to any ongoing projects or assistance from GM. The idea was to take the Corvette as a brand and see how it could potentially evolve in this age of electrification, with its competitor Ford giving Mustang a greener image with the Mach-E and Tesla taking the world by storm. Without losing the Corvette identity, how can it grow so that it remains relevant in the modern climate.

This project really became a way to stretch my abilities when it comes to both design and modeling, as it will be my first concept with a complete Exterior and Interior design. This attempt is my way of branching out and becoming a more well rounded designer.


DISCLAIMER: this is a Work in Progress and is yet to be complete, but serves as a great representation of my current capabilities as a designer.

The Future of the Crossed Flags

With the unveiling of the C8 CORVETTE, GM solidified their belief in the brand as a true red-white-and-blue supercar, offering insane power in a affordable and sharp package. But with the current electrification of the car industry, competition has never been greater. Ford demonstrated its evolution through the inclusion of an all-electric vehicle as part of its Mustang brand, while Tesla enters the field with its own sports-dedicated model. The demand for cleaner sports cars have been greater than ever, and those who don’t change will be left in the dust.

So how can the CORVETTE respond in kind, without losing its sporty roots? How can the brand avoid dilution and just become another badge? And as the brand must turn to electrification in the next decade, how should they introduce this change?

The Premium Hybrid Grand tourer

The Grand Tourer is the ultimate combination Power, Comfort, Class and just enough practicality for your holiday road trip. By adding a grand tourer to its lineup, Corvette can show that it isn’t moving away from its sporty past, but adding an extra dose of sophistication that puts it in a league of its own.

The Hybrid powertrain would be a great introduction to electrification to the brand, and the improvement to handling and overall ride would establish the Corvette’s focus on performance, with a side of comfort as well.

The Hybrid transmission has proven itself in numerous supercars and sportscars over the years, both for offering superior handling and power.

A Look Back


Arguably the most visually iconic generation, the C2 Corvette offers much to reference stylistically. The pinched greenhouse, ufo volume and split rear window all offer potential for reinterpretation. 


The C3 Corvette sports a sharp look every which way, while the exaggerated fenders and powerbulge really create a menacing stance and hinting at something vicious under the hood.

The Outer SHell

By using the logo itself for inspiration, the new facia remains faithful to the spirit of the brand, yet offering a larger, smoother expression.

The front section is heavily inspired by that of the C3, as well as the strong center edge and the headlight graphic placement.

The overall volume is inspired by the C2’s UFO separation of the upper and lower body, becoming more distinctive as you move down the car.

The rear design emphasizes a strong central split, narrowing the rear window graphic but not hindering rear visibility. The greenhouse also retains the C2’s extreme teardrop pinch shape, making the fenders on either side even more prominent. 

The inner chambers

While still driver focused, the Neovette’s interior is far less cacooned. The wider structure encompassing the whole interior creates a more inclusive space, making the driver still feel in control but in a more open, comfortable space.

The up-facing dominant surface makes for a more inviting space, while the overall asthetic remains sharp and highly layered. 

The New Popup

Popup Headlights have been a long  standing staple for Corvettes until they were removed from more modern models due to pedestrian safety concerns. Given my attempt to bring back classic asthetics to the Neovette, I wanted to find a new way to interpret the “popup” look but in a new way. This gives the face more visual interest and possible funtionality.

The design features a slide-down mechanic, where the headlight cover rotates downward to reveal the highbeam lights and internal structures hidden beneath it. This also creates a new graphic for the facia during activation but keeping the look clean while not.

The exposed highbeam creates a two step graphic and lines up with the front grille form.

Welcome In

Stay Tuned for Further updates